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Detecting, Solving Inefficient Ad Strategies

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Dangit! is a startup company with a mobile app featuring unique abilities to influence certain consumer decisions.  Hype mechanisms such as “transformative”, “revolutionary”, “paradigm shifting”, and “disruptive” often tout products or services that are little more than fresh paint on well-established products in mature markets. Dangit! surpasses these superlative claim promises.

Dangit! identifies and resolves differences between inefficient targeted advertising, and those advertisements that are genuinely productive, on multiple levels. Evidence of this need resolution is proven by advertisers’ growing demands for more efficient lead generation spending, while platforms seek more effective conversion methods to validate A.I.’s effectiveness.

The Issue

The Supposed Benefit

The electronic media industry thrives through creation of innovative content and programming, drawing users to promote product advertising in support of their models, while search and social media platform providers blanket their venues with ads to the supposed benefit of advertisers. By lulling Marketers into believing current conversion rates are effective, the advertising industry and their platform partners convince marketers to spend vast sums on these relatively inefficient methods.

Questioning the Veracity

Growing concern over these platforms’ ad impression veracity and conversion rate claims have forced marketers to rethink their wild west online ad strategies. These advertisers have begun demanding that platform providers and middlemen all create better ad efficacy tools as increased spending fails to correlate to increased revenues, sparking the migration of advertising dollars back to more verifiable ad platforms.


Another Avenue?

There is another avenue to achieve ad viewership and conversions beyond social media, streaming, blogs, podcasts, shopping, news, or email. Dangit! identifies and capitalizes on this unrealized realm. Dangit! is a customer facing mobile and internet based B2C application providing ad referral and facilitation services that broaden ad message reach. By identifying this realm and implementing this service, Dangit! benefits Users as well as Brand, Web, and Retail Advertisers alike.

Reduce Irrelevant Ads

Dangit’s multi level aggregation ad context reformatting and facilitation service reduces the proliferation of fraudulent bot ads and irrelevant targeted ads by verifying which ads are actually viewed, by providing a method for gauging consumer intent, while efficiently providing committed consumers for the advertiser’s message.

Fundamentally New

Dangit! disrupts convention with a fundamentally new technology providing high quality leads for advertisers. The direct consequence of this technology is to reduce profligate spending on A.I. generated targeted ads. Dangit! surpasses S.E.O and A.I. by providing engaged consumers for fractions of advertisers’ marketing budgets without surreptitious surveillance or wasteful targeted ad campaigns. Dangit! is an entirely new advertising platform supplementing existing channels, increasing advertisers’ revenues and returns, instead of devising new content, gimmicks, or targeting rationales to enhance ad viewership.

Issue Background Logic

On Privacy

Google tracks every daily search, every contact, every Gmail logon, and every phone accompanied trip. Facebook tracks mouse clicks and perceived interests, tying actions to friends, acquaintances, and contacts through complex algorithms, attempting to better define what consumers may want to purchase. Amazon is unwittingly influencing consumer actions while concerning homeowners how much information Alexa and others’ personal assistants are documenting in their homes.

Purchase and Fulfillment

There are many reasons consumers do not purchase from the internet. Time is one reason, and while not all web purchasing opportunities favor delivery, delivery costs and theft fears still complicate those situations favoring delivery. Additionally, many consumers still refrain from purchasing goods through Amazon or other Internet retailers due to scams and counterfeits. Dangit! enables consumers to overcome these drawbacks and concerns.

Resolution Background Logic

A New Territory

Dangit! creates and exploits an entirely unutilized territory of advertising and e-commerce. Dangit! operates in conjunction with, yet independently of, all existing media, marketing channels and content platforms. Advertising isn’t cheap, nor is customer or mobile app customer acquisition, and Dangit! extends the advertiser’s budget by providing services for advertisers through utilization of psychology, technology, geotargeting, and pricing.

A New Technology

Dangit! enhances advertising strategy implementation by forcing advertisers to identify and address differences between inefficient A.I. driven targeted ads, and genuinely relevant ads. Improvement of this differential is driven by advertisers’ demands for quality sales leads and conversions, and ad providers’ continuing attempts to generate higher conversion rates. By contrast, Dangit! disrupts convention with a fundamentally new technology that provides advertisers with the highest quality and most relevant ad productivity, resulting in the reduction of A.I. generated ad leads.  

We know what you’re thinking… but we are more than fresh paint slapped on established products in mature markets. Dangit! surpasses other’s superlative claim promises.

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