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Exploring Another Avenue to Achieve Ad Viewership

Beyond social media, streaming, podcasts, shopping, news, or email

What Is Dangit!

As an active lobbyist in the consumer’s hand, Dangit! facilitates Retail and Brand Partners’ sales by providing timely and relevant “last mile delivery” of geotargeted ad messages to users at the most actionable moments.

Dangit! is a patent pending ad supported mobile utility app that identifies and capitalizes on an entirely new realm of advertising devoid of unwanted privacy concerns, and it is unlike any other app on the market today.

Dangit! is an entirely new advertising platform to be exploited by virtually every existing entity and channel in the advertising-marketing spectrum, including Brand Marketers, Brick and Mortar Retailers, and Web Retailers.

Dangit! is not a mobile ad sales company. Dangit! is not a product, it is not a gaming company, nor is Dangit! consumed. Dangit! is a new ad platform service to be utilized by all Web, Brick and Mortar Retailers, and all Brand marketers.

A New Platform

Target Markets

Dangit’s target markets are the $90 Billion mobile advertising market, the $300 Billion U.S. Retail Food segment, the $5 Trillion non food retail market and the $5 Trillion abandoned web shopping cart market.

Expected Growth

Dangit! anticipates 50 + Million U.S. users 18 months post launch, realizing 50% net margins on over $1Billion annual revenue. Fee revenues over $10 Billion with 50% net margins are anticipated 3 years post launch by capturing proportional target market advertising budget shares equal to 1/10th of 1% of these markets’ total value through acquisition of a 5% outright share of the mobile advertising market, in addition to enabling our Web partners recapture at least 5-10% of lost shopping cart revenues, while increasing food and non food partners’ gross revenues 2-5%. However, a substantially greater share is well within the realm of probability.

Alleviating Fears

Dangit! overcomes the concerns of Retail and Brand advertisers who spend Billions of unmeasured advertising dollars annually, while enabling those advertisers to capture Trillions in unconsummated web sales.

Trustworthy and Confidential

Free From Surveillance

Dangit! offers a more trustworthy platform free from surveillance practices used by many platforms. Dangit! never sells, distributes, or collateralizes user information. Dangit! negates the need for data collection and dissemination techniques while deterring privacy concerns by eliminating the controversial act of tracking friends, purchases, likes, habits, etc.

Identifying Productivity

Dangit! identifies and resolves differences between inefficient targeted advertising, and those advertisements that are genuinely productive on multiple levels. Evidence of this need resolution is proven by advertisers’ growing demands for more efficient lead generation spending, while platforms seek more effective conversion methods to validate A.I.’s effectiveness.

A New Territory

Dangit! creates and exploits an entirely unutilized territory of E-commerce and advertising. Dangit! operates in conjunction with, yet independently of, all existing media, marketing channels and content platforms. Advertising isn’t cheap, nor is customer or mobile app customer acquisition, and Dangit! extends the advertiser’s budget by providing services for advertisers through utilization of psychology, technology, advertising, and pricing.

A New Technology

Following are some attributes of this unfamiliar medium/platform/service/mobile app/vehicle:

  • It creates an entirely new, unrealized, and untapped advertising platform.
  • It is a free app redefining existing mobile and web technology utilization, including 5G.
  • It is a helpful and user friendly application.
  • It does not publish or utilize content, news, or social media to draw users or create revenue, and it is not a physical product.
  • Dangit! is a pre seed startup with no direct competitors looking to achieve first to market advantage.

No matter the product, Dangit! provides the opportunity to more efficiently advertise any and all products, be it the 40,000 products in an average grocery store, 80,000 products in an average big box store, or the millions of other products available on the internet.

We know what you’re thinking… but we are more than fresh paint slapped on established products in mature markets. Dangit! surpasses other’s superlative claim promises.

For Further Details

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